Smartheart vs Pedigree Dog Food In 2023 – Which Is Better | Reviews

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Pedigree and Smartheart are both popular brands of dog food, but do they really differ in any significant way? You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV, or perhaps you’ve talked to other pet owners who swear by one brand or the other, but how can you be sure that your choice won’t harm your dog?

This guide will help you make an informed decision about which brand of dog food to choose!

What is Pedigree dog food?

Basically, pedigree dog food is a brand. Just like human food brands like Special K or Cheerios are produced by companies with similar names, there are companies that make dog food under the name pedigree.

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Usually, when you hear someone say breed-specific dog food what they really mean is dog food made by a company that makes breed-specific pet foods.

The primary thing pedigree dog foods have in common (besides being branded as pedigree) is that they tend to be pretty expensive, because they come in cute packaging and can claim benefits that aren’t scientifically proven.

Best Pedigree dog food

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Vegetables Flavour

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Vegetables Flavour

Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Milk

Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Milk

What is Smartheart dog food?

smartheart is a premium dog food brand. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients that promote good nutrition and taste. The company’s philosophy is simple: provide a high-quality product at an affordable price for all dog owners.

Their focus on affordability is a smart move given that it’s estimated there are more than 72 million dogs in America, according to estimates from Perfect Companion Group (PCG). Considering how much money we spend on our pets, it makes sense that they deserve high-quality food at an affordable price—and smartheart aims to provide just that.

Best Is Smartheart dog food

Smart Heart Puppy Dog Food Dry Chicken Egg and Milk

Smart Heart Puppy Dog Food Dry Chicken Egg and Milk

Smart Heart Adult Dog Food Dry Chicken and Liver

Smart Heart Adult Dog Food Dry Chicken and Liver

What is the difference between Smartheart vs Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food are both produced by Mars Petcare. Pedigree is the brand with a long history, while Smartheart is a newer product. The two brands are distributed in different markets around the world, but they have various similarities.

Pedigree and Smartheart both offer dry food and wet food for dogs of all life stages. They both have formulas designed for large-breed dogs, small-breed dogs, and puppies. The main difference between the two brands may be that Pedigree is primarily sold in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while Smartheart is marketed in South-East Asia.

Both brands offer a variety of flavors to keep every dog happy! Pedigree offers chicken and rice, lamb and rice, beef and vegetable stew, beef stew with gravy, chicken stew with gravy, roast chicken with gravy, seafood medley with gravy, meaty steak dinner with gravy, beef dinner chunks with gravy, roasted turkey dinner with gravy, liver dinner chunks with gravy, beef dinner chunks in jelly, chicken dinner chunks in jelly, minced pork dinner chunks in jelly—is your mouth watering yet? Smartheart offers beef and egg flavor dog food; chicken flavor; lamb flavor; fish flavor; pork flavor; shrimp

What are the benefits of Smartheart and Pedigree Dog Food

For people who have dogs, choosing the right dog food can be a tough decision. There are many different brands of pet food to choose from. Two popular choices are Smartheart and Pedigree. This article will compare some important information about both of these brands.

Smartheart is made in Thailand and offers a variety of different flavors for your pet to enjoy. It is available in five different formulas for you to choose from for your dog’s age and size including Puppy, Adult, Small Breed Adult, Adult Light, and Senior.

Smartheart also offers three different sizes of bag depending on how long you want your food to last which include 3LBS., 10LBS., and 15LBS. bags.

Pedigree is made in the U.S. and has a variety of flavors that are great for your dog’s taste buds. Their flavors include Beef & Vegetables, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, Turkey & Vegetables, Large Breed Adult, Puppy Growth & Protection Formula, Small Breed Adult Formula, Weight Management Formula , and Healthy Vitality Formula (for elderly dogs).

Pedigree also offers four different sizes of bag depending on how long you want your food to last which include 3LBS., 15LBS.,

pros of pedigree dog food

cons of pedigree dog food

pros of smartheart dog food

Smartheart dog food is a complete and balanced diet for your canine friend. With lots of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it encourages the healthy growth of your dog providing all the strength needed.

cons of smartheart dog food

Which is more expensive

I bet a lot of people are wondering that! Is smartheart more expensive than pedigree? The answer is both yes and no. It depends on how you look at it. There’s no denying that pedigree dog food has been around for longer, and therefore costs more than its younger rival. But smartheart doesn’t skimp on quality either.

So if you think of it in terms of ingredients, price-per-ingredient and price-per-pound, it compares quite well with pedigree dog food.

How do these brands stack up against each other?

If you’re searching for the right dog food to feed your furry friend, you’ve no doubt run across two top brands: Smartheart and Pedigree. But how do these brands stack up against each other? We took a look at their ingredients, prices, and overall quality to give you a better idea of which brand to choose.

The first thing we looked at was the ingredients in each brand’s products. Because your dog is what it eats, it’s important that you’re feeding it quality food that will keep them in peak health. We found that Smartheart’s products were made with more healthy ingredients like probiotics, which help digestion and immunity, and taurine, an amino acid which keeps hearts healthy.

Pedigree’s products didn’t have some of these ingredients, but they did have more filler ingredients like corn and soybeans (which are often genetically modified). This is concerning because studies have linked these fillers with allergic reactions in dogs.

Second, we considered the price of each brand. In general, Smartheart and Pedigree’s prices are similarly in market. However, Smartheart also offers discounts on their products when you buy in bulk—great news if you have multiple pets! Pedigree doesn’t offer any bulk discounts at all.

Is smartheart better for dogs than pedigree?

Pedigree is a brand name owned by Mars, Inc. Pedigree claims that their dog food products are a complete and balanced diet for your dogs. They claim that the food has the proper level of nutrition for the dogs to live a long and happy life. However, the company does not provide any evidence on how this is true.

Smartheart is dog food brand by Perfect Companion Group (PCG)., which is also suitable for dogs’ overall health and nutrition. There is no evidence or research provided by Mars either, to prove why Smartheart is better than its other brand, Pedigree.

However, there are some important factors to keep in mind about both brands.

Smartheart contains more protein than Pedigree does. The higher amount of protein in Smartheart makes it a good choice for those who want their dogs to have more energy and stay healthy.

Smartheart also has a much lower sugar content than Pedigree does. This means that if you are concerned about your dog’s weight or blood sugar levels, then Smartheart may be a better choice than Pedigree.

So what should you choose? If you’re looking for easy feeding with no extra sugar content and more protein in the food, then Smartheart might just be the right choice!

Is smartheart dog food good

smartheart dog food is a relatively new dog food that has been on the market for less than five years. This brand’s headquarters is located in thailand. The smartheart dog food company prides itself on using real chicken and beef in their formulas, and they also use real vegetables and fruit. The smartheart dog food company uses no meat by-products or preservatives in their formulas. They also use no wheat or corn which are common allergens for dogs, and are used as filler ingredients by many other brands of dog foods.

How to use smart heart dog food

smartheart dog food is a great way to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients they need. There are several varieties of smartheart dog food, including puppy, performance and adult smartheart dog food. Smartheart dog food has been specially formulated to meet the needs of pets at every stage of life, from puppyhood to adulthood. Not only will your dog love the delicious taste of their new smartheart kibble, you’ll feel good about the nutrition benefits it’s providing. To feed your pup smartheart dog food, follow these easy steps:
(for puppies) mix smartheart with milk for a few days and increase the amount of dry food as your pet gets used to it
(for adults) check that the serving size is appropriate for your pet’s weight
Measure out the required amount of smartheart kibble using a measuring cup
Add water or milk and mix thoroughly to ensure an even consistency

Is pedigree dog food grain free

pedigree is a brand of dog food that is manufactured by mars, inc. Pedigree has five different product lines that are designed to suit the needs of different dogs. The pedigree select bites line and the pedigree choice cuts line are both grain free products. The other three lines may or may not be—it depends on the specific food in question. There are also some grain free products in their “dentastix” line.

Is pedigree dog food safe

pedigree dog food is not just safe, but is one of the best-selling dog food brands in the world. The pedigree brand has been around for 50 years and continues to be a highly trusted brand with regards to pet nutrition. Pedigree offers a wide range of dog food products, including varieties for all life stages and specific dietary needs. In addition, pedigree also offers wet food for dogs, dental sticks, snacks and dog treats.

Do vets recommend pedigree dog food

The pedigree brand of dog food is a popular option for dog owners across the world, and it’s no surprise that you may be considering it as an option for your canine companion. You may be wondering: is pedigree dog food good? Will it give my dog all the nutrition he needs?


There is no doubt that both Pedigree and Smartheart are very good dog food brands. They both have been around for a long time which means the company has had many years to improve the formula. However, when it comes to ingredients and guaranteed analysis, Pedigree is the clear winner. Smartheart may be cheaper, but in this case you really get what you pay for.

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