You are currently viewing Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023 | Pros and Cons
Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023 | Pros and Cons

Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023 | Pros and Cons

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Australia’s pet owners love the brand of dog food known as Open Paddock.

It is easily accessible to customers because it is sold at Woolworths and other stores.

There have been conflicting opinions about the food’s quality, with some dog owners raising questions about the product’s overall nutritional value and the substances utilised.

Despite the complaints, several pet owners have given Open Paddock dog chow excellent reviews.

The company takes pleasure in using Australian ingredients and offering a less expensive alternative to other well-known brands.

Additionally, Open Paddock offers a selection of dog food flavours and varieties to accommodate various dietary requirements and tastes.

Overall, the brand has been a popular choice among pet owners looking for a budget-friendly and locally sourced option for their furry friends.


Overview of Open Paddock Dog Food

Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023
Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023

A pet food company called Open Paddock provides a selection of dog food options produced with premium ingredients.

They assert to offer excellent, moral, and honest meals for animal companions.

Even though the business was only established in 2018, it already has a solid reputation as a supplier of quality pet food.

A high-quality source of protein serves as the primary ingredient in each recipe for Open Paddock dog food, which is produced using a protein-first methodology.

The business provides bone broth and treats, as well as options for kibble and frozen raw food.

Kangaroo, chicken and beef are the three recipes offered in the kibble line. The frozen food selection comprises cubes, patties, and mince, with lamb, kangaroo, chicken, or turkey as the primary ingredient, depending on the product.

According to Open Paddock, they are a “open” pet food company, which means they are upfront about their ingredients and production methods.

They exclusively use premium meat, produce, and fruits, obtaining their ingredients from reputable vendors.

The business asserts that it is dedicated to animal welfare, and has added enhanced welfare chicken kibble to its product lineup.

Overall, it seems like Open Paddock dog food is a wise choice for pet owners who want to feed their furry pets premium, protein-rich food.

The company’s dedication to animal care and openness is a bonus, and their selection of kibble and frozen meal alternatives has something to suit any dog’s taste buds and dietary requirements.

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Open Paddock Dog Food Review

Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023
Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023

An ethical and sustainable dog food brand is called Open Paddock.

The packaging makes a point of stating that the top component is RSPCA-approved chicken and higher welfare meat from barns.

The company sells a variety of kibble, frozen raw food, snacks, and air-dried meat. The ingredients, nutritional content, flavour, and texture of Open Paddock dog food will all be discussed in this section.


The ingredients in Open Paddock dog chow are of the highest calibre and are sourced ethically.

The company asserts that its meat is raised in higher welfare barns and that their chicken is RSPCA-approved.

Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are among the components used in the kibble recipes. The cubes, patties, and mince in the frozen raw food are made primarily of lamb, kangaroo, chicken, or turkey.

Nutritional Value

Open Paddock dog chow seems to be a high-quality item based on its ingredients.

The company asserts that their recipes are balanced nutritionally and contain every necessary nutrient for dogs to thrive.

Protein levels in kibble formulations can reach up to 30%, whereas they can reach up to 40% in frozen raw food.

Texture and flavour

When it comes to taste and texture, Open Paddock dog food has gotten a mixed bag of ratings.

While some dogs appear to appreciate the kibble, others find it repulsive. The texture of the frozen raw food is different from kibble and could take some getting accustomed to. But a lot of dogs appear to like the flavour of the frozen raw food.

The dog chow from Open Paddock seems to be a high-quality item made with ethically sourced ingredients.

The company sells a variety of nutritiously complete and nutritionally balanced kibble and frozen raw foods.

However, some dogs could have issues with flavour and texture. Overall, dog owners searching for an ethical and sustainable dog food brand should give Open Paddock dog food some thought.

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Ingredients Used in Open Paddock Dog Food

Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023
Open Paddock Dog Food Review In 2023

Open Paddock dog food uses high-quality ingredients to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for dogs.

Here are the main ingredients used in their products:

Meat and Protein Sources

Open Paddock uses a variety of meat and protein sources in their dog food, including:

Meat and Protein Sources
Fresh chicken

These sources offer the essential amino acids that canines require to keep their muscles and tissues in good condition.

Additionally, Open Paddock ensures that their dog food is devoid of by-products and fillers by using only premium animal ingredients.

Vegetables and Fruits

Additionally, a range of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, are included in Open Paddock dog food.

Among the fruits and vegetables utilised in their products are:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries

Additionally, the fibre in these nutrients aids with digestion and encourages regular bowel motions.

Additives and Supplements

Open Paddock incorporates a range of supplements and additives in their products to guarantee that their dog chow is nutritionally adequate. A few of these are:

  • fatty acids with omega-3 and omega-6
  • Chondroitin and glucosamine
  • the prebiotics and the probiotics
  • minerals and vitamins

These additives and supplements also improve joint health, promote good skin and coat, and strengthen the immune system, among other significant health advantages.

In general, Open Paddock dog food employs premium ingredients to give dogs a balanced and nourishing diet.

They make sure that their products satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs at all stages of development by incorporating a variety of meat and protein sources, vegetables and fruits, vitamins, and additives.


Accessibility and Cost

Accessible at Woolworths Stores

Exclusively sold at Woolworths locations in Australia, Open Paddock Dog Food. It isn’t offered at any other brick and mortar or internet retailers.

Customers may buy Open Paddock Dog Food at Woolworths supermarkets in the pet food aisle.

Price Evaluation of Alternative Brands

Compared to other popular dog food brands sold at Woolworths, Open Paddock Dog Food has a higher price.

Its cost is comparable to other premium dog food products, though. The following table contrasts the costs of Woolworths’ premium dog food brands with those of Open Paddock Dog Food.

Open PaddockDry Dog Food2.5 kg$27.00
Black HawkGrain-Free Dry Dog Food2.5 kg$32.00
Ivory CoatGrain-Free Dry Dog Food2 kg$29.00
Royal CaninBreed Specific Dry Dog Food2 kg$36.00

According to the table, Open Paddock Dog Food is more expensive than Black Hawk and Ivory Coat but less expensive than Royal Canin.

Open Paddock Dog Food includes high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, which may help some consumers justify the higher price range.

Overall, Woolworths supermarkets in Australia are the only places where Open Paddock Dog Food may be purchased.

Although it costs more than certain popular dog food brands, its cost is comparable to that of other premium dog food companies.


Pros and Cons of Open Paddock Dog Food

When searching for a high-quality, nutrient-dense dog food that is manufactured with natural ingredients, dog owners frequently choose Open Paddock.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the Open Paddock dog food:

Made with natural ingredientsExpensive compared to other dog foods
No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavorsLimited recipe range
Ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredientsNot suitable for dogs with certain dietary restrictions
RSPCA approved chicken as the #1 ingredientSome dogs may not like the taste
Higher welfare barn-raised meatNot widely available in all stores

The fact that Open Paddock dog food is manufactured with natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours is one of its main benefits.

Dog owners may be assured that they are giving their pets a high-quality, nutrient-rich diet that is devoid of dangerous chemicals as a result.

The fact that Open Paddock gets its ingredients ethically and responsibly is another benefit of the dog food.

For many dog owners who care about animal welfare and the environment, this means that the meat used in the dog food is grown in a humane and environmentally responsible manner.

But compared to other dog diets on the market, the Open Paddock dog food can be fairly pricey, which is one of its main downsides.

Some dog owners may find it difficult to pay this, especially if they have several pets or are on a limited budget.

The fact that Open Paddock dog food has a smaller recipe selection than other dog food manufacturers could be another drawback.

Therefore, it’s possible that dog owners won’t be able to locate a recipe that suits their dog’s particular dietary requirements or preferences.

Open Paddock dog food is a premium product that is wholesome, created with natural ingredients, and obtained ethically and responsibly.

However, some dog owners may find it challenging to select it as their preferred dog food brand due to its high price and constrained recipe selection.


Bone Broth Open Paddock

Bone broth is among the dog food items available from Open Paddock.

This bone broth is created with premium components and intended to be a nourishing addition to your dog’s diet.


Bone broth is an excellent source of nutrition for dogs and has several advantages. The following are only a few advantages of Open Paddock bone broth:

  • Joint health: Bone broth contains collagen, which can help support joint health in dogs.
  • Digestive health: The gelatin in bone broth can help soothe and heal the digestive tract.
  • Hydration: Bone broth is a great way to keep your dog hydrated, especially during hot weather or after exercise.


Open Paddock bone broth is made with high-quality ingredients, including:

  • Beef bones: These bones are slow-cooked to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and flavor.
  • Organic vegetables: Carrots, celery, and parsley are added for flavor and nutrition.
  • Apple cider vinegar: This ingredient helps to extract the nutrients from the bones and vegetables.

Taste and Texture

Open Paddock bone broth has a rich, savory flavor that dogs love. The broth has a thick, gelatinous texture that can be poured over your dog’s food or served as a stand-alone treat.

Here is a table of the ingredients in Open Paddock bone broth:

Beef bonesSource of nutrients
Organic vegetablesAdds flavor and nutrition
Apple cider vinegarHelps extract nutrients

Overall, Open Paddock bone broth is a nutritious and tasty addition to your dog’s diet. It can provide a range of benefits and is made with high-quality ingredients.


How to Choose the Right Open Paddock Dog Food

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting the best Open Paddock dog food.

Age and Size of Dog and Special Dietary Needs are the two primary sub-sections that will be covered in this section.

Age and Dog Size

The sort of Open Paddock dog food that is most appropriate for your dog will depend significantly on their age and size.

Adult dogs need different nutrition than puppies, and elderly dogs need different nutrition than younger dogs.

For dogs of various ages and sizes, Open Paddock provides a variety of dog food options.

Here is a table that summarizes the different Open Paddock dog food options based on age and size:

Age/SizeOpen Paddock Dog Food
PuppyOpen Paddock Puppy
Adult Small BreedOpen Paddock Small Breed
Adult Medium/Large BreedOpen Paddock Medium/Large Breed
SeniorOpen Paddock Senior

Special Dietary Needs

You might need to select an Open Paddock dog food that is especially tailored for your dog’s needs if they involve unusual dietary requirements, such as food allergies or sensitivities.

Dogs with unique dietary requirements can choose from a variety of dog food options from Open Paddock.

For dogs with particular dietary demands, the following Open Paddock dog food alternatives are available:

  • Open Paddock Grain-Free: This dog food is free of grains and is suitable for dogs with grain sensitivities.
  • Open Paddock Limited Ingredient: This dog food is made with a limited number of ingredients and is suitable for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Open Paddock Weight Management: This dog food is formulated for dogs that need to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Before making any dietary modifications for your dog, especially if they have particular dietary requirements, it is crucial to speak with your veterinarian.

Overall, it’s important to carefully examine your dog’s age, size, and any unique dietary requirements when selecting the proper Open Paddock dog food for them.

Finding the ideal dog food for your beloved companion is made simpler by Open Paddock’s selection of alternatives that cater to various dogs’ needs.


Where to Buy Open Paddock Dog Food

Throughout Australia, a few chosen merchants carry Open Paddock dog food. The following locations sell this particular brand of dog food:


In addition to other brands, Woolworths’ aisles carry Open Paddock dog food. A well-known retail company in Australia called Woolworths carries a large selection of pet food items.

Both dry and wet forms of Open Paddock dog food are offered, and it is created with premium components that come from ethical and sustainable sources.

If you want to buy Open Paddock dog food from Woolworths, you may locate it there in the pet food aisle.

The item is typically displayed on the shelves next to other high-end dog food manufacturers.

On the Woolworths website, you can also order Open Paddock dog food and have it delivered right to your home.

It is important to note that not all Woolworths stores stock Open Paddock dog food.

It is always a good idea to call ahead to your local store to confirm availability before making a trip.


Frequently Asked Questions Related To Open Paddock Dog Food Review

Does my dog benefit from eating Open Paddock dog food?

For dogs who enjoy kibble with air-dried meat, frozen raw food, bone broth, and treats, Open Paddock is a good option. It is a premium dog food brand that employs ingredients that are responsibly and ethically sourced. Before making any dietary modifications for your dog, it is, however, always advisable to speak with your vet.

Are there any Open Paddock dog food recalls?

Since its debut in 2018, Open Paddock dog food has not been recalled.

What components are in the dog food from Open Paddock?

Depending on the formula, the major ingredients in Open Paddock dog chow change. However, the company only employs food that has been farmed humanely and responsibly, such as kangaroo, beef, and poultry that has received RSPCA approval. They also incorporate veggies including peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Can I feed Open Paddock dog food to my puppy?

Yes, pups of all breeds and sizes can eat the puppy formula in Open Paddock dog food. Before making any dietary adjustments for your puppy, it is, however, always advisable to speak with your veterinarian.

In Australia, where can I buy Open Paddock dog food?

In Australia, the majority of pet shops and internet vendors carry Open Paddock dog food. Additionally, you can buy it directly from their website.

Is Open Paddock dog food recognised to have any health benefits for dogs?

High-quality, nutrient-rich, vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredients are used in the production of Open Paddock dog food. Additionally, it doesn’t include any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Although Open Paddock dog food doesn’t make any specific health claims, giving your dog a high-quality, varied diet can help them stay in good overall health.

Which Open Paddock dog food is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Dog food options from Open Paddock include treats, frozen raw food, bone broth, and kibble with air-dried meat. It is advised to select a recipe with few components and is simple to digest for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Given that it is a unique source of protein and may be easy on the digestive system, the kangaroo cuisine is a good choice.

Are the dog foods from Open Paddock grain-free?

Yes, grain-free dog food is available from Open Paddock. They are free of grains like corn, wheat, soy and others that some dogs may find hard to digest.

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