You are currently viewing Lifewise Dog Food Review In 2023: Is It Worth the Hype?
Lifewise Dog Food Review : Is It Worth the Hype?

Lifewise Dog Food Review In 2023: Is It Worth the Hype?

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LifeWise dog food has been gaining popularity among dog owners in Australia. Pet Food Reviews claim that LifeWise has established itself as a top-notch brand with premium ingredients.

Meals for Mutts‘ original creator also creates and produces LifeWise dog food, which has garnered excellent reviews on the same website.

LifeWise dog food offers a variety of solutions to fit dogs’ individual nutritional demands in addition to its high-quality ingredients and favorable customer reviews.

For instance, their BIOTIC formula contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve the health of the digestive system.

LifeWise BIOTIC, which has earned favourable reviews from customers, is a fantastic choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs, according to Pet Food Reviews.

LifeWise dog food offers a variety of recipes to accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages.


Because of its premium ingredients and superior nutritional content, Lifewise Dog Food is a premium dog food brand that is becoming more and more well-liked among pet owners.

Lifewise Dog Food will be described in general terms in this section, along with its features and advantages.

What is Lifewise Dog Food?

A brand of dog food called Lifewise Dog Food is created using premium, natural ingredients. The company’s goal is to give pets the greatest nourishment available so they can live long, healthy lives.

Lifewise Dog Food is offered in a variety of flavours and formulations to accommodate the various demands of canines.

The fact that real meat is used as the first ingredient in Lifewise Dog Food is one of its distinguishing qualities.

The diet is therefore high in protein, which is necessary for maintaining and mending muscles.

Lifewise Dog Food is a safe and natural option for canines because it is created without any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

What are the Benefits of Lifewise Dog Food?

There are several benefits of feeding your dog Lifewise Dog Food.

Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Ingredients of the highest calibre: Lifewise Dog Food is prepared with natural, high-quality ingredients free of artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. This implies that the food you provide your pet will provide the best nutrients available.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics, which are found in Lifewise Dog Food, can aid in better digestion and the promotion of a healthy gut. This can lessen digestion problems while enhancing general health and wellbeing.
  • More Vitality: Lifewise Dog Protein-rich foods are necessary for giving dogs the energy they require to keep active and healthy. The cuisine also contains complex carbs, which give you continuous energy throughout the day.

All things considered, Lifewise Dog Food is a fantastic option for pet parents who wish to give their pets a high-quality, natural diet.

Lifewise Dog Food is suited for dogs of all ages and sizes thanks to its variety of flavours and formulations.

LifeWise Dog Food Review

Due to its excellent taste and high-quality ingredients, LifeWise dog food has become more and more well-liked among pet owners in Australia.

To assist pet owners in making a wise choice, this study will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of LifeWise dog food.

Positive Reviews

LifeWise dog food has received a lot of excellent reviews from pet owners. The high quality of this brand’s ingredients is one of its main selling features.

High-quality proteins, beneficial fats, complex carbs, and vital vitamins and minerals are used to make LifeWise dog chow.

For pet owners who want to feed their dogs a nutritious diet, the brand’s use of real meat and poultry as the main protein source is a bonus.

The range of formulas available in LifeWise dog chow is another perk. To satisfy the unique requirements of various canines, the brand provides a variety of alternatives.

For canines with gastrointestinal distress, hyperlipidemia, pancreatitis, chronic skin and coat sensitivities, mobility problems, arthritis, and chronic liver illnesses, for instance, there are formulae available.

Negative Reviews

Despite the favorable evaluations, some pet owners have complained about LifeWise dog food. The cost is one of the key issues.

The cost of LifeWise dog food is more than some other brands available, which may be a deterrent for pet owners on a tight budget.

The size of the kibble has also been mentioned as a problem by certain pet owners. It can be challenging for older dogs or those who have dental problems for certain dogs to chew the kibble.

A high-quality company called LifeWise makes dog food and offers a variety of recipes to cater to the various demands of dogs.

The quality of the ingredients and the range of formulations make it a fantastic choice for pet owners who want to provide their dogs a nutritious and balanced diet, even though it could be more expensive than some other brands.

Pet owners should be mindful of any potential problems with the price and size of the kibble, though.


What are the Main Ingredients in Lifewise Dog Food?

Lifewise dog food is made with high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for dogs.

The main ingredients in Lifewise dog food include:

Main IngredientsDescription
ChickenA high-quality source of protein that is easy to digest.
TurkeyAnother source of protein that is lean and rich in essential nutrients.
Sweet PotatoA complex carbohydrate that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
LentilsA plant-based protein source that is also rich in fiber and other nutrients.
Field PeasAnother source of plant-based protein that is rich in essential amino acids.
ChickpeasA legume that is high in protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients.
TapiocaA starchy carbohydrate that is easy to digest and provides energy.
CarrotsA rich source of beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals.
SpinachA leafy green vegetable that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
KelpA type of seaweed that is rich in iodine, which is essential for thyroid health.

Are the Ingredients High-Quality?

Yes, the ingredients used in Lifewise dog food are premium and have been carefully chosen to give dogs a balanced and nourishing diet.

Only ingredients fit for human consumption are used by the business, which only buys from reliable vendors.

Lifewise dog food is also free of fillers and by-products, as well as artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

All things considered, Lifewise dog food is a premium choice for pet owners who wish to give their pets a healthy and balanced diet.

Essential nutrients are provided by the carefully chosen components, supporting general health and wellbeing.

Nutritional Value

Popular Australian company Lifewise Dog Food sells a variety of dog food items. The nutritional value of any dog food is among the most crucial factors.

We will examine Lifewise Dog Food’s nutritional content in more detail in this section.

How Does Lifewise Dog Food Meet Nutritional Requirements?

Lifewise Dog Food is prepared with premium ingredients and designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of canines.

The company sells a variety of dog food items made for various life stages and levels of exercise.

The Lifewise website’s product information states that the first ingredient in all of their dog food products is real meat.

This is crucial because dogs must eat a diet high in protein because they are carnivores. The company also incorporates a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, into their recipes.

We have compiled a table that details the guaranteed analysis of Lifewise Dog Food’s goods so that you may better understand the nutritional content of their products.

NutrientGuaranteed Analysis
Omega-3 Fatty Acids0.5%
Omega-6 Fatty Acids2.5%

It is important to note that these values may vary slightly depending on the specific product. However, this table provides a general idea of the nutritional value of Lifewise Dog Food.

Is Lifewise Dog Food Suitable for Dogs with Special Dietary Needs?

Lifewise Dog Food does not provide any specialised dog food items created for canines with unique dietary requirements.

However, the components used in their products are of the highest calibre, and they are designed to suit the nutritional needs of dogs.

Consult your dog’s veterinarian to discover the ideal diet if your dog has specific nutritional requirements.

They might suggest a speciality dog food item or offer advice on how to adjust your dog’s diet to suit their individual requirements.

Lifewise Dog Food is a premium brand that provides a selection of dog food items that are developed to satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs.

They do not offer items specifically designed for dogs with unique dietary requirements, but their products are created with high-quality ingredients and give dogs a balanced diet.

Taste and Texture

What Do Dogs Think of Lifewise Dog Food?

Dog owners have given Lifewise dog food favourable reviews for its flavour and texture.

Pet Food Reviews Australia claims that Lifewise has “really proven itself as an excellent dog food.” The positive brand reviews they have received show how much dogs like the taste and texture of the food.

Lifewise Dog Food Compare to Other Brands of Taste and Texture?

Lifewise dog food is comparable to other premium products on the market in terms of flavour and texture.

Lifewise is one of the best-tasting dry dog diets according to Breed Advisor, with canines praising the salmon and sweet potato flavour combination.

Lifewise provides premium nourishment at a reasonable price, according to the assessment, making it a good value for pet owners.

To provide a quick comparison of Lifewise dog food’s taste and texture, the following table provides a summary of how it compares to other popular brands:

LifewiseHighly ratedComparable to other high-quality brands
Taste of the WildHighly ratedComparable to other high-quality brands
Royal CaninGenerally well-likedCan be hit or miss depending on the specific formula
Hill’s Science DietGenerally well-likedCan be hit or miss depending on the specific formula

Overall, Lifewise dog food is well-regarded for its taste and texture, with many dog owners reporting that their pets enjoy the food.

While taste and texture can vary depending on the specific formula and individual dog preferences, Lifewise is generally considered to be a high-quality brand that offers good value for pet owners.

Price and Availability

How Much Does Lifewise Dog Food Cost?

Given that Lifewise dog food is moderately priced, it is a viable choice for owners who wish to feed their dogs premium food.

The price of Lifewise dog food varies according to the product’s type and bag size. Lifewise dog food typically ranges in price from $20 to $80 a bag, depending on the size and type of food.

Where Can You Buy Lifewise Dog Food?

In Australia, Lifewise dog food may be purchased at pet shops and online. Lifewise dog food can be ordered straight from the Lifewise website or via internet merchants like Amazon.

Additionally, pet supply companies like Petbarn, Petstock, and Petco sell Lifewise dog food.

Here is a table that summarizes the price and availability of Lifewise dog food:

Type of FoodBag SizePrice RangeAvailability
Dry Food2.5 kg$20 – $30Online, Pet Stores
Dry Food7 kg$40 – $60Online, Pet Stores
Dry Food15 kg$60 – $80Online, Pet Stores
BIOTIC Range2.5 kg$25 – $35Online, Pet Stores
BIOTIC Range7 kg$50 – $70Online, Pet Stores

To save money, pet owners can also buy Lifewise dog food in bulk.

Some internet merchants provide price breaks for large orders, and Lifewise has a subscription service that enables dog owners to get monthly shipments of dog food at a discount.

Overall, Lifewise dog food is a widely accessible and reasonably priced alternative for pet owners who wish to feed their dogs premium food.

Pros and Cons of Lifewise Dog Food

A growing number of dog owners are turning to Lifewise dog food because of its premium ingredients and reasonable price.

It does, however, have its share of benefits and drawbacks like any other kind of dog food. We’ll look more closely at the benefits and drawbacks of Lifewise dog food in this section.


  • High-quality ingredients: Lifewise dog food is made with high-quality ingredients such as real meat, vegetables, and fruits. It does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, making it a healthier option for dogs.
  • Affordable: Lifewise dog food is priced competitively, making it an affordable option for dog owners who want to feed their pets with high-quality food without breaking the bank.
  • Variety: Lifewise dog food comes in a variety of flavors and formulas, making it easy to find the right food for your dog’s specific needs. They offer formulas for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs, as well as grain-free options for dogs with food sensitivities.
  • Australian-made: Lifewise dog food is made in Australia, which means it adheres to strict quality standards and regulations.


  • Limited availability: Lifewise dog food is not widely available in all regions, which can make it difficult for some dog owners to purchase.
  • Mixed reviews: While Lifewise dog food has received many positive reviews, some dog owners have reported that their dogs did not like the taste of the food or experienced digestive issues after eating it.
  • Lack of transparency: Some dog owners have criticized Lifewise for not providing enough information about their sourcing and manufacturing processes.

In general, dog owners seeking for an economical, premium, and Australian-made dog food should choose Lifewise.

The benefits and downsides should be carefully weighed before choosing a dog food brand, as with any other.

Buying Guide for Dog Food

There are a number of things to take into account while selecting the best dog food for your pet. When purchasing dog food, bear the following in mind:

AgePuppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs. Senior dogs may also require special diets.
SizeSmall dogs have different nutritional needs than large dogs.
Activity levelHighly active dogs require more calories and protein than sedentary dogs.
Health conditionsDogs with certain health conditions may require special diets.
IngredientsLook for high-quality protein sources, whole grains, and vegetables. Avoid fillers and by-products.
Brand reputationChoose a brand with a good reputation for quality and safety.

It’s critical to study the ingredients list and guaranteed analysis while reading dog food labels. High-quality protein items like chicken, cattle, or fish should be listed first in the ingredients list.

Vegetables and whole grains should also be included. Do not consume fillers or byproducts.

The assured analysis offers details about the food’s nutrient makeup, including its protein, fat, and fibre content.

Find a diet that satisfies your dog’s unique nutritional requirements depending on their age, size, and level of activity.

A brand with a solid reputation for quality and safety should also be chosen. Choose a company that adheres to tight manufacturing guidelines and employs high-quality ingredients.

You may select a premium dog food that satisfies your furry friend’s nutritional requirements and promotes their general health and wellbeing by taking these aspects into account.

My Personal Experience with Lifewise Dog Food

We have been using Lifewise Dog Food for our German Shepherd for over a year now, and we have been very happy with the results.

Here are a few points about our personal experience with this brand:

  • Healthy coat and skin: Our dog’s coat has never looked better since switching to Lifewise Dog Food. It is shiny, soft, and healthy-looking. We have also noticed that her skin is less dry and itchy.
  • Good digestion: Our dog has always had a sensitive stomach, but since switching to Lifewise Dog Food, she has had less digestive issues. The kibble is easy to digest, and we have not had any problems with diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Great taste: Our dog loves the taste of Lifewise Dog Food. We have tried a few different flavors, and she has enjoyed them all. We also appreciate that the ingredients are high-quality and sourced from Australia.
  • Affordable price: Compared to other premium dog food brands, Lifewise is quite affordable. We feel good about feeding our dog a high-quality food without breaking the bank.

Overall, we have been very satisfied with our experience with Lifewise Dog Food. We feel good about feeding our dog a healthy, nutritious diet that supports her overall health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Lifewise Dog Food Review

Who owns LifeWise dog food?

A group of nutritionists and animal enthusiasts formed the Australian-owned business LifeWise in 2013. The company’s goal is to offer all pet owners high-quality, natural, and nutrient-rich pet food at a reasonable price.

Where is LifeWise dog food made?

In Australia, LifeWise dog chow is produced utilising, if feasible, locally sourced ingredients. The company has production sites in New South Wales and Queensland.

What is the number one healthiest dog food?

No one dog food is thought to be the healthiest for all dogs. The ideal dog food for your pet will vary depending on their specific requirements, age, breed, and degree of activity. The ideal food for your dog should be decided in consultation with your veterinarian.

What dog food do vets not recommend?

Certain dog meals that contain artificial preservatives, fillers, and byproducts might not be advised by all veterinarians. It’s crucial to carefully study the ingredient labels and select dog food that is manufactured with premium, natural ingredients.

What is the highest recommended dog food from vets?

Veterinarians advise a variety of dog foods, including products from companies like Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro Plan. It is crucial to keep in mind that each dog has specific nutritional requirements, so what works for one dog might not be suitable for another.

What is the feeding guide for LifeWise dog food?

Depending on the formula and the weight of your dog, the feeding instructions for LifeWise dog food change. It’s crucial to adhere to the feeding recommendations on the container and modify the amount of food given based on your dog’s particular requirements. In general, feeding adult dogs twice daily and puppies three to four times daily is advised.

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