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Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review

Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review in 2023 | Honest Review

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Providore and Ziwipeak are two well-known brands of air-dried dog food that have gained popularity in recent years.

Both brands are well-known for their high-quality ingredients and unique air-drying method, which aids in the preservation of nutrients and flavour.

There are, however, some significant distinctions between the two that pet owners should be aware of before making a choice.

The country of origin is one of the most significant differences between Providore and Ziwipeak. Providore is a New Zealand brand, whereas Ziwipeak is an Australian brand.

This may not appear to be a significant deal, but it can affect the components utilised in each brand’s recipes.

Because to the differences in farming practises and regulations between New Zealand and Australia, Providore may use different sorts of meat and produce than Ziwipeak.

Another thing to think about while comparing Providore and Ziwipeak is their price. Both brands of air-dried dog food are often more expensive than standard kibble.

However, Providore is slightly less expensive than Ziwipeak, which may be a decisive factor for pet owners on a tight budget.

It is crucial to note, however, that the price of dog food should not be the sole consideration when selecting a brand.

The nutritional value of the food and the quality of the ingredients should also be considered.


Overview of Providore and Ziwipeak Dog Food

Choosing the best dog food for your canine companion can be a difficult undertaking.

There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to tell which one is the best. Providore and Ziwipeak are two of the most popular dog food brands.

This section will provide you an overview of these two companies and their products.

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Providore Dog Food

Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review
Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review

Providore dog food is a high-quality dog food brand with a meat content of 93%, making it an excellent choice for dogs who require a high-protein diet.

The brand provides a variety of formulae, such as dry kibble, wet food, and freeze-dried food.

The ingredients in Providore dog food are of the highest quality, including free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish.

When compared to other high-quality dog food brands, such as Ziwipeak, Providore falls short on a few counts.

Providore dog food, for example, contains grains and vegetables that may not be good for dogs with certain nutritional needs.

Furthermore, unlike some of its competitors, the brand does not have as many flavour alternatives.

Ziwipeak Dog Food

Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review

Ziwipeak is a high-end dog food company that provides a variety of high-quality, environmentally friendly dog food options.

The brand’s goods are prepared using fresh, raw meat, seafood, organs, bones, and superfoods that are air-dried delicately to preserve high-quality nutrients.

Ziwipeak dog food comes in a variety of flavours, including beef, lamb, venison, and others.

One of the primary advantages of Ziwipeak dog food is that it provides the nutrition of a raw diet in the shape of a handy dry food.

Furthermore, the products of the company are free of grains, fillers, and artificial preservatives, making them an excellent alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Overall, both Providore and Ziwipeak provide high-quality dog food created with premium ingredients.

However, Ziwipeak may be a better option for dogs who have certain dietary needs or sensitivities.

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Ingredients Comparison

One of the most significant elements to consider when comparing Providore vs Ziwi Peak dog chow is the ingredients used in each mix.

Both brands prioritise high-quality beef as the major component, but there are some important distinctions to be made.

Providore Dog Food Ingredients

Providore dog food has a high meat content, with meat accounting for 93% of the composition.

The brand makes use of a combination of fresh and raw meats, such as beef, lamb, and chicken, as well as organs and bones.

The other 7% of the formula contains vitamins and minerals, as well as plant-based nutrients such as peas, chickpeas, and sweet potato.

Ziwi Peak Dog Food Ingredients

The principal ingredient in Ziwi Peak dog food is a blend of fresh and raw meats, with a concentration on New Zealand-sourced meats such beef, lamb, and venison.

For increased nutrients, the mix includes organs, bones, and green-lipped mussels in addition to meat.

Plant-based components such as kelp, chicory, and parsley are also included, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Comparison Table

IngredientProvidore Dog FoodZiwi Peak Dog Food
Primary IngredientBlend of fresh and raw meats (beef, lamb, chicken)Blend of fresh and raw meats (beef, lamb, venison)
Meat Content93%Not specified
Other Animal-Based IngredientsOrgans, bonesOrgans, bones, green-lipped mussels
Plant-Based IngredientsPeas, chickpeas, sweet potatoKelp, chicory, parsley
Added Vitamins and MineralsYesYes

Overall, Providore and Ziwi Peak dog food prioritise high-quality meat as the principal ingredient, with vitamins and minerals added to ensure a complete and balanced diet.

While Providore contains more meat, Ziwi Peak contains extra animal-based products such as green-lipped mussels for enhanced nourishment.

The plant-based components utilised in each mix are also slightly different.


Nutritional Value Comparison

When comparing Providore with Ziwipeak dog food, it’s crucial to consider each brand’s nutritional value.

Both businesses offer a variety of items that appeal to various life stages and dietary requirements of dogs. Their nutritional compositions, however, differ significantly.

Protein Content

Protein is an important component for dogs, and Providore and Ziwipeak both claim to provide high-quality protein in their products.

Providore says that their products are made entirely of New Zealand meat, whilst Ziwipeak uses a combination of meat, organs, and bone.

Providore’s dry dog food provides 28% protein, while Ziwipeak’s dry dog food contains 38% protein, according to the information accessible on both websites.

This suggests that Ziwipeak has more protein than Providore.

Fat Content

Fat is another vital nutrient for dogs since it gives energy and aids in vitamin and mineral absorption.

Providore promises to employ high-quality fats in their products, such as salmon oil and flaxseed oil. These lipids, as well as other animal fats, are used in Ziwipeak products.

The fat content of Providore’s dry dog food is 15%, while Ziwipeak’s dry dog food is 32%. This suggests that Ziwipeak contains more fat than Providore.

Carbohydrate Content

Carbohydrates are not required for dogs, however they do give energy and fibre.

Providore claims to employ a variety of fruits and vegetables in their products, including swe1et potato and pumpkin.

Ziwipeak also incorporates certain fruits and vegetables into their goods, although their main focus is on meat.

The carbohydrate content of Providore’s dry dog food is 37%, while Ziwipeak’s dry dog food is 14%. This means that Ziwipeak contains fewer carbohydrates than Providore.

Comparison Table

NutrientProvidore Dry Dog FoodZiwipeak Dry Dog Food

Overall, Ziwipeak contains more protein and fat and less carbohydrate than Providore.

It is crucial to note, however, that each dog has different dietary demands, and what works for one dog may not work for another.

Before making any modifications to your dog’s diet, always consult with a veterinarian.


Price Comparison

Price is a significant consideration when comparing Providore with Ziwi Peak dog chow.

Providore is a luxury dog food brand sold only at Petbarn, whereas Ziwi Peak is a well-known brand accessible at a variety of outlets.

A comparison of the costs of their air-dried dog food products was done to obtain an idea of the price difference between these two brands.

The costs of Providore and Ziwi Peak air-dried dog food products for various weight categories are shown in the table below.

Dog Food BrandWeightPrice
Providore1 kg$59.99
Ziwi Peak1 kg$62.99
Providore2.5 kg$149.99
Ziwi Peak2.5 kg$157.99
Providore4 kg$229.99
Ziwi Peak4 kg$239.99

As the table demonstrates, Providore is marginally less expensive than Ziwi Peak throughout the board.

However, the price difference is minor, with Providore being only a few dollars less expensive than Ziwi Peak.

It’s worth noting that both brands are somewhat pricey in comparison to other dog food companies.

This is due to the fact that they are both premium brands with high-quality ingredients in their goods.

Price is not a major deciding factor when comparing Providore and Ziwi Peak dog food because the price difference between the two products is modest.

It is crucial to note, however, that both products are somewhat pricey when compared to other dog food companies.



Providore Dog Food Review

Providore dog food has a high meat proportion, with 93% of its formulations containing meat. While this is a plus, it falls short when compared to brands such as Ziwipeak and Eureka.

One disadvantage of Providore dog food is that it contains rice, a common allergy for dogs.

Furthermore, it has a large amount of carbs, which may be harmful to dogs with certain medical disorders, such as diabetes.

Providore dog food, on the other hand, does not contain any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours, which is a bonus.

It also contains certain healthy ingredients, like as kelp and flaxseed, which are high in nutrients and can help with health.

Ziwipeak Dog Food Review

Ziwipeak dog food is a well-known brand that provides air-dried dog food.

The company takes pleasure in employing high-quality, ecologically friendly products to provide the nutrition of a raw diet in the form of a handy dry food.

One advantage of Ziwipeak dog chow is that it contains no artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours.

It also has a high meat content, which is vital for a dog’s diet. It also contains certain healthy elements, such as kelp and green-lipped mussels, which are high in minerals and can help with health.

However, Ziwipeak dog food is more expensive than other brands, which may not be suited for budget-conscious pet owners.

Furthermore, some dogs may dislike the taste of the food, which might be a disadvantage for finicky eaters.

Overall, while Providore dog food has some advantages, it falls short of Ziwipeak dog food.

Ziwipeak components are high-quality and environmentally friendly, combining the nutrition of a raw diet in a simple dry food form.


Pros and Cons of Providore vs ZiwiPeak Dog Food

When it comes to choosing between Providore and ZiwiPeak dog food, there are several pros and cons to consider.

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind:

Providore Dog Food



ZiwiPeak Dog Food




Frequently Asked Questions Related To Providore vs Ziwipeak Dog Food Review

Is Providore dog food grain-free?

Yes, Providore dog food has no grains. According to the company, its recipes are manufactured with high-quality ingredients and are devoid of grains, gluten, and chemical preservatives.

What are the ingredients in Eureka dog food?

Eureka dog chow has a range of foods such as meat, veggies, and fruits. The precise components vary depending on the formula, but they always contain high-quality proteins and are grain and gluten-free.

What is the protein content of Providore dog food?

Providore dog food has varying amounts of protein depending on the formula. The company says, however, that all of their recipes contain high-quality proteins derived from meat sources such as chicken, beef, and lamb.

Is Providore dog food suitable for puppies?

Puppies can eat Providore dog food. The company provides a variety of formulas created specifically to suit the nutritional demands of developing puppies.

What are the reviews for Ziwi Peak dog food?

Pet owners and professionals have given Ziwi Peak dog food mostly positive evaluations. Many individuals applaud the company’s use of high-quality ingredients, as well as their dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Is Ziwi Peak dog food ethically sourced?

Ziwi Peak dog food is dedicated to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability. The company derives its ingredients from New Zealand’s local farmers and fishermen and employs a whole-prey approach to nutrition, which means that their formulae contain a healthy proportion of flesh, organs, and bone. Furthermore, Ziwi Peak is committed to lowering their environmental effect through the use of recyclable packaging and waste minimization.

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