You are currently viewing Petzyo vs Royal Canin Dog Food In 2023 : Honest Review
Petzyo vs Royal Canin Dog Food In 2023 : Honest Review

Petzyo vs Royal Canin Dog Food In 2023 : Honest Review

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In Australia, two of the most widely used dog food brands are Petzyo and Royal Canin. Both companies provide a selection of dog food products that address various dietary requirements and tastes.

Personalised food programmes for dogs are delivered right to their owners’ doors by the Australian company Petzyo.

In contrast, Royal Canin is a well-known international brand that has been making dog food for more than 50 years.

Petzyo takes pride in its all-natural, open, moral, and environmentally conscious dog food.

By prioritising health over profit, the company seeks to revolutionise the pet food market.

The meal plans offered by Petzyo are tailored to each dog’s particular nutritional requirements, taking into account the dog’s age, breed, and amount of exercise.

The company ensures that dogs get the best nutrition possible by using only the finest foods from sustainable sources.

On the other hand, Royal Canin is renowned for its breed-specific dog food formulations.

The business employs a group of veterinarians and nutritionists who collaborate to create dog chow that is tailored to the needs of various breeds.

Additionally, Royal Canin’s dog food is made to help a variety of medical conditions, including digestive disorders, joint health, and weight control.

The business makes dog food that is both enticing and nourishing using a combination of science and research.

Petzyo vs Royal Canin Dog Food : A Complete Comparison

Two well-known dog food manufacturers that have been making headway in the industry are Petzyo and Royal Canin.

Although both companies sell premium dog food, there are key differences between the two that pet owners should take into account before buying.


Ingredients are one of the key distinctions between Petzyo and Royal Canin. Petzyo takes pleasure in using only natural, open, moral, and environmentally friendly substances.

They don’t use any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives; they only use whole ingredients. Royal Canin, on the other hand, employs a mixture of natural and artificial components, including by-products, which can be debatable.

Nutritional Value

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin provide balanced, comprehensive dog foods that satisfy dogs’ nutritional demands.

Petzyo, on the other hand, takes a more specialised approach to dog food, providing personalised meal plans depending on a dog’s breed, age, weight, and level of exercise.

On the other hand, Royal Canin offers a more all-encompassing approach to dog food, accommodating dogs of various ages, sizes, and breeds.


Petzyo costs a little more than Royal Canin in terms of price. This is because Petzyo offers individualised food programmes and uses premium, complete ingredients.

On the other hand, Royal Canin employs a combination of natural and synthetic components, including by-products, which can sometimes be less expensive.


An Australian business called Petzyo provides dog food delivery services. The convenience for pet owners is that they deliver right to your door.

On the other hand, Royal Canin is a more well-known brand that is offered in pet shops and online retailers all over the world.

Comparison Table

AspectPetzyoRoyal Canin
Ingredients100% natural, transparent, ethical, and eco-focusedMix of natural and synthetic ingredients, including by-products
Nutritional ValueCustomized meal plans based on a dog’s breed, age, weight, and activity levelCatering to dogs of different ages, sizes, and breeds
PriceSlightly more expensiveCheaper
AvailabilityAustralian-based delivery servicesAvailable in pet stores and online retailers worldwide

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin provide premium dog food that satisfies canines’ dietary requirements.

The decision between the two is ultimately based on taste and the requirements of the dog.

Before making a purchase, pet owners should think about the product’s contents, nutritional value, pricing, and accessibility.

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Royal Canin and Petzyo Health Benefits

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin sell dog food that is designed to give dogs a number of health advantages.

The following are a few health advantages that Petzyo and Royal Canin dog food can offer:

Health Benefits of Petzyo

Petzyo dog food is manufactured from premium natural ingredients without the use of artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours.

The business employs a variety of components recognised to help dogs’ health, such as:

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: These fatty acids are essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat, as well as supporting brain and eye health.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics: These ingredients help to support digestive health and can improve the absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Antioxidants: Petzyo dog food contains a range of antioxidants that can help to support the immune system and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Royal Canin

Additionally, Royal Canin dog food is developed to offer a number of health advantages to dogs. The business provides formulae that are adapted to the particular dietary requirements of certain breeds.

The following are just a few of the health advantages that Royal Canin dog food can offer:

  • Improved digestion: Royal Canin dog food contains a range of ingredients that can help to support digestive health, including prebiotics, probiotics, and fiber.
  • Joint health: Some Royal Canin formulas contain ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help to support joint health and reduce the risk of arthritis.
  • Dental health: Royal Canin offers formulas that are designed to promote dental health, with kibble shapes and textures that can help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

Overall, dog food from Petzyo and Royal Canin is developed to offer a variety of health advantages to canines.

When selecting a dog food brand, pet owners should carefully analyse the particular nutritional requirements of their dog and, if they have any doubts or concerns, consult their veterinarian.

Royal Canin and Petzyo Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key consideration when picking the best dog food brand.

Pet owners want to be content with the quality and flavour of the food they are purchasing for their animals and to know that their four-legged companions are receiving the greatest nutrition available.

Although both Petzyo and Royal Canin enjoy a strong following of patrons, how do they stack up in terms of patron satisfaction? Both brands have their pros and weaknesses, based on consumer reviews.

Customers at Petzyo are typically happy with the food’s quality and the ease of the subscription service.

Many customers like the food’s use of premium Australian products as well as the company’s wide selection of flavours and meal plans.

However, a few clients have voiced complaints about delivery schedules and packaging.

Customers of Royal Canin, on the other hand, value the company’s reputation for making premium dog foods that are catered to certain breeds and medical issues.

Numerous clients claim that the food has enhanced their dogs’ general health and that their canines adore the taste.

However, some customers have complained about the high cost of the food and the insufficient supply of specific recipes.

Overall, when it comes to client happiness, both Petzyo and Royal Canin have their advantages and disadvantages.

When deciding between the two brands, pet owners should take their dog’s unique nutritional requirements as well as their own preferences into account.

Ingredients and nutrition

Two well-known dog food manufacturers, Petzyo and Royal Canin, provide a range of goods for canines of all breeds and life stages.

Both companies assert that their meals are balanced and comprehensive and satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs. Their formulas and chemicals do differ slightly, though.


Petzyo takes pleasure in using premium ingredients that come from environmentally friendly sources.

They assert that there are no fillers, chemical preservatives, or by-products used in their goods; only whole food items such fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables are used.

The following are some of the main components found in Petzyo’s dog food:

  • Free-range chicken
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Blueberries

On the other side, Royal Canin’s dog food recipes combine elements from both plants and animals.

They assert that they exclusively utilise premium ingredients that have been meticulously chosen and prepared to maintain their nutritious worth.

The following are some of the main components included in Royal Canin’s dog food:

  • Chicken meal
  • Brown rice
  • Brewers rice
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Wheat gluten
  • Beet pulp


Both Petzyo and Royal Canin assert to offer dogs comprehensive and wholesome nutrition.

However, depending on the product and life cycle, their formulas and nutrient profiles may vary.

Below is a comparison of the guaranteed analyses of the adult dog food formulations from Petzyo and Royal Canin:

NutrientPetzyo Adult Dog FoodRoyal Canin Adult Dog Food

The table shows that Royal Canin’s adult dog food has a little higher fat level than Petzyo’s adult dog food, although the difference in protein content is marginal.

Moisture content is similar across the two brands.

It’s crucial to remember that a dog’s nutritional requirements might change depending on their age, breed, size, and amount of exercise.

To choose the optimum diet and feeding schedule for their dogs, pet owners should speak with their veterinarian.

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin sell premium dog food items that give canines a healthy and full diet.

However, there are certain variations in their formulas and chemicals that can impact which dogs they are suitable for.

Before choosing a brand, pet owners should thoroughly examine the ingredients and nutrient profiles of each product.

Reviews and Quality

The highest level of quality is crucial when it comes to pet food. Two companies that each take a distinctive stance on the quality of pet food are Petzyo and Royal Canin.

Petzyo takes pride in utilising only the best ingredients fit for human consumption in its pet food.

To guarantee that their products are secure and nutritious for pets, they also have a rigorous quality control procedure.

In contrast, Royal Canin provides a vast selection of dog food choices that are appropriate for various breeds, sizes, and life stages.

They create their goods using a combination of science and study to make sure they satisfy the nutritional requirements of dogs.

Customer testimonials are an excellent approach to evaluate a product’s quality.

Customers have given Petzyo great marks for its premium ingredients and the fact that their pets enjoy the taste.

Customers have given Petzyo a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, complimenting the company for its quick deliveries and excellent customer support.

In contrast, there are conflicting opinions about Royal Canin.

While some customers have complimented the company for offering a variety of dog foods and the fact that their canines enjoy the taste, others have criticised it for charging exorbitant rates and having some of its products contain fillers and artificial chemicals.

Customers praise Royal Canin for its quality but criticise it for its exorbitant costs, earning the brand a 3.5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin have a decent percentage of happy consumers in terms of customer satisfaction.

With many customers complimenting the brand for its quality, flavour, and customer service, Petzyo has a high customer satisfaction percentage.

Additionally, Royal Canin has a high degree of customer happiness, with many clients complimenting the company for the variety of dog food alternatives it offers and the fact that their dogs adore the taste.

Overall, Petzyo and Royal Canin each take a distinctive stance on the quality of pet food.

Petzyo takes great satisfaction in employing only premium, human-grade components, whereas Royal Canin develops its products using a combination of science and research.

Both brands have a respectable number of satisfied customers in terms of customer feedback and satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Petzyo and Royal Canin Dog Food

When it comes to choosing the right dog food, there are many factors to consider. Petzyo and Royal Canin are two popular brands that offer a variety of dog food options.

Here are some pros and cons of each brand to help you make an informed decision.



  • Transparent Ingredients: Petzyo prides itself on transparency, using high-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable sources. They provide detailed information about their ingredients and processes on their website, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.
  • Customizable Meal Plans: Petzyo offers customizable meal plans based on your dog’s needs, including their age, weight, and activity level. This ensures that your dog is getting the right nutrients in the right amounts.
  • Australian Owned and Made: Petzyo is an Australian-owned and operated company, meaning you’re supporting a local business by choosing their products.


  • Limited Availability: Petzyo is only available in Australia, so if you’re not in that region, you won’t be able to try their products.
  • Higher Price Point: Petzyo’s high-quality ingredients and customizable meal plans come at a cost, making it a more expensive option compared to some other dog food brands.

Royal Canin


  • Wide Variety of Options: Royal Canin offers a wide range of dog food options, including breed-specific formulas and specialized diets for dogs with certain health conditions.
  • Affordable: Royal Canin is a more affordable option compared to some other high-end dog food brands.
  • Widely Available: Royal Canin is available in many countries and can be found in many pet stores and online retailers.


  • Questionable Ingredients: While Royal Canin does offer a wide variety of options, some of their ingredients have been called into question by pet owners and experts.
  • Not as Transparent: Royal Canin does not provide as much information about their ingredients and processes as Petzyo does, making it harder to know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.
  • Some Products Have Been Recalled: Royal Canin has had some of their products recalled in the past, which may be a concern for some pet owners.

Overall, both Petzyo and Royal Canin offer pros and cons. It’s important to consider your dog’s individual needs and preferences when choosing a dog food brand.

Feeding Guidelines and Health Benefits

Based on the breed, age, weight, and degree of activity of the dog, Petzyo and Royal Canin offer different feeding regimens.

Petzyo offers personalised meal programmes that are made to satisfy the particular nutritional requirements of each dog.

On the other hand, Royal Canin recommends changing the amount of food based on the dog’s activity level and bodily condition in addition to offering feeding instructions based on the dog’s weight.

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin sell dog food that is developed to deliver a balanced and comprehensive diet, which has health advantages.

Petzyo avoids using artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives and only employs 100 percent natural ingredients.

Additionally, they employ premium proteins, fruits, and vegetables to supply the nutrients the dog needs to maintain a healthy immune system, digestive system, and overall body.

On the other hand, Royal Canin provides dog food that is suited to each breed’s specific nutritional requirements.

A balanced food that promotes the dog’s health and welfare is provided using premium proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

For dogs with particular medical ailments like weight management, digestive problems, and joint problems, they also provide specialised dog food.

Dog food is available from Petzyo and Royal Canin that is intended to offer a balanced diet that supports the health and wellbeing of the dog.

For dogs with particular nutritional demands, however, Petzyo’s emphasis on using natural products and personalised meal programmes may be more advantageous.

Meanwhile, Royal Canin’s breed-specific dog food may be more suitable for dogs that require specialized nutrition based on their breed and health condition.

BrandFeeding GuidelinesHealth Benefits
PetzyoTailored meal plans based on dog’s nutritional needs100% natural ingredients, high-quality proteins, fruits, and vegetables
Royal CaninFeeding guidelines based on dog’s weight and activity levelBreed-specific dog food, specialized dog food for specific health conditions

Pricing and Options

Compared to Royal Canin, Petzyo is a less expensive option in terms of price. The cost of a lunch at Petzyo can range from $2.50 to $7.50, depending on its size and composition.

However, depending on the quantity and kind of the meal, Royal Canin’s costs range from $3 to $8 each meal.

Dry food, wet food, and treats are just a few of the pet food alternatives that Petzyo provides. They provide chicken, beef, lamb, and fish flavours in their dry food selections.

Additionally, they provide a selection of wet food choices in the flavours of chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. Dog snacks like beef liver and chicken hearts are also available at Petzyo.

For dogs, Royal Canin provides a variety of pet food options, including breed-specific, age-specific, and health-specific options.

They provide goodies in addition to dry and wet meals. They provide beef, lamb, chicken, and fish flavours for their dry food alternatives.

Additionally, a variety of wet food choices are available, with flavours like fish, steak, lamb, and chicken.

Comparing Petzyo to Royal Canin, Petzyo provides a smaller selection of options.

Pet owners may select the ideal food for their dog’s unique needs more easily thanks to their availability of breed-specific alternatives, age-specific options, and health-specific options.

Overall, pet owners have more alternatives with Royal Canin than Petzyo, despite the latter being more reasonably priced.

When deciding between Petzyo and Royal Canin, the pet owner’s budget and their dog’s individual demands ultimately come into play.

Dietary Needs and Specialized Formulas

It’s crucial to take your dog’s nutritional requirements and any necessary specialised formulae into account when selecting the proper dog food.

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin provide a variety of choices to address various dietary needs and health issues.

Dog owners frequently worry about their dog’s weight, and both Petzyo and Royal Canin have specialised formulas to assist with weight management.

While Royal Canin’s “Satiety Support” recipe is made to make dogs feel full and satisfied while ingesting less calories, Petzyo’s “Healthy Weight” formula is made to assist dogs in maintaining a healthy weight.

Petzyo offers a variety of grain-free formulae while Royal Canin only offers a small number of grain-free options for people looking for them.

It’s important to remember that not all dogs require grain-free diets, and research into the possible dangers of these diets is still underway.

Another factor for some dog owners is breed-specific food, and Royal Canin provides a variety of formulas that are formulated to satisfy the various breeds’ distinct nutritional requirements.

Breed-specific recipes are not yet available from Petzyo.

For dogs with certain health issues, Petzyo and Royal Canin both provide formulas that have been approved by veterinarians.

Dogs with food sensitivities should use the “Sensitive Skin and Stomach” formula from Petzyo, while dogs with digestive problems should use the “Gastrointestinal” formula from Royal Canin.

Overall, a variety of dietary choices are provided by Petzyo and Royal Canin to address various demands and concerns.

To choose the ideal diet for your particular pet, it’s crucial to speak with your veterinarian.

Veterinarian Recommendations for Petzyo and Royal Canin

Two well-known dog food manufacturers, Petzyo and Royal Canin, provide veterinary diets for canines with certain medical requirements.

Both companies offer a variety of goods that can be used to treat a number of medical disorders, such as joint pain, skin allergies, and digestive problems.

Petzyo provides a selection of veterinary diets that are designed to assist in managing particular medical issues in dogs.

Their diets are created to be nutritionally complete and balanced while also giving dogs with health difficulties the support they need.

For instance, their Skin Health diet is created to aid in the management of skin allergies, while their Digestive Health diet is designed to support good digestion.

Additionally, Royal Canin provides a selection of veterinarian diets made to help manage various canine health issues.

Their diets are supported by scientific study and made with premium components.

For instance, their Hypoallergenic diet is made to help manage food allergies, while their Gastrointestinal diet is intended to support dogs with digestive problems.

Veterinarian-approved veterinary meals are provided by Petzyo and Royal Canin, respectively.

These diets are designed to offer focused assistance for dogs with particular medical needs, and they are frequently used as a component of all-encompassing therapy programmes for dogs with health problems.

Consult with your veterinarian before selecting a veterinary food for your dog. Your veterinarian can assist you in choosing the diet that will best meet the individual health requirements of your dog.

They can also monitor your dog’s progress on the diet and offer advice on feeding quantities and frequency.

Both Petzyo and Royal Canin provide veterinary diets that are advised by vets for dogs with certain medical requirements.

These meals are designed to give dogs with health difficulties specific support, and they are frequently employed as a component of all-encompassing therapy programmes.

It is crucial to consult your veterinarian when selecting a veterinary diet for your dog to ascertain which food is most appropriate for their unique medical requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Petzyo vs Royal Canin Dog Food

Is Petzyo a suitable replacement for Royal Canin?

For pet owners looking for a more natural, open, moral, and environmentally conscious dog food option than Royal Canin, Petzyo is a fantastic substitute. Each dog has specific nutritional requirements, and Petzyo’s custom meal plans are created to fulfil those needs using premium products that are obtained sustainably and locally. The thing that distinguishes Petzyo from other dog food companies is their dedication to prioritising health over money.

What are the benefits of Petzyo dog food?

The benefits of Petzyo dog food include:
Tailored meal plans based on the unique nutritional needs of each dog
High-quality, locally sourced, and sustainably produced ingredients
100% natural and transparent ingredients
Ethical and eco-focused approach to dog food production
Convenient and hassle-free dry dog food subscription service

How does Petzyo compare to other premium dog food brands?

In terms of quality, openness, and moral production practises, Petzyo compares favourably to other luxury dog food brands. Petzyo stands apart from other dog food manufacturers that rely on mass-manufactured ingredients and chemical additives thanks to their customised meal plans and locally sourced, responsibly produced ingredients.

What makes Royal Canin a favourite among veterinarians?

Due to its emphasis on breed-specific nutrition and dedication to scientific research and development, Royal Canin is a favourite among veterinarians. The variety of dog food formulae offered by Royal Canin is made to specifically address the dietary requirements of each breed with an emphasis on fostering maximum health and wellbeing.

Are there any Royal Canin equivalents made in Australia?

Yes, there are a number of Royal Canin alternatives created in Australia that provide premium, regionally sourced, and sustainably produced dog food options. One such substitute is Petzyo, which provides custom meal programmes and a dry dog food subscription service.

What are the benefits of a dry dog food subscription?

The benefits of a dry dog food subscription include:
Convenience and hassle-free delivery of high-quality dog food to your doorstep
Tailored meal plans based on the unique nutritional needs of each dog
Cost-effective and budget-friendly option for pet owners
Reduced waste and environmental impact compared to traditional dog food packaging

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