Royal Canin vs Advance Dog Food Review In 2023

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There are several things to think about while selecting the best dog food for your pet friend.

Royal Canin and Advance are two well-known brands on the market.

Both companies provide a range of choices for various breeds, sizes, and life phases. Pet owners could question which one is better for the unique requirements of their dog, though.

With a history spanning more than 50 years, Royal Canin is well-known for its formulations tailored to certain breeds.

They provide a variety of goods to accommodate various breeds, sizes, and life phases.

Each breed’s specific nutritional requirements are met by their formulas, which take into account the size, age, and level of activity of each breed.

Conversely, the more modern brand Advance has become increasingly well-known in recent years.

They provide a selection of goods that address various sizes, life stages, and medical requirements.

They incorporate additional vitamins and minerals to assist general health and wellbeing into their formulae to deliver complete and balanced nourishment.

When deciding which brand is best for a dog’s unique needs, pet owners may wonder about things like breed, size, age, and health. These are all significant considerations.


Comparing Nutritional Values

It’s critical to take each brand’s nutritional content into account when contrasting Royal Canin and Advance dog food.

Both companies provide a selection of dog food formulas catered to various breeds, sizes, and life phases.

NutrientRoyal CaninAdvance
Protein26% – 30%25% – 28%
Fat14% – 20%12% – 16%
Fiber2.5% – 7.5%3% – 5%
Calories per cup300 – 400300 – 400

Compared to Advance, Royal Canin delivers slightly more protein in their recipes. While Advance contains between 25% and 28% protein, their dry food formulae typically range from 26% to 30% protein.

However, the range of fat contents offered by both brands is comparable, with Advance having a range of 12% to 16% and Royal Canin between 14% and 20%.

With formulae comprising between 2.5% and 7.5% fibre, Royal Canin provides a wider range of alternatives in terms of fibre content.

Advance formulations often have 3% to 5% fibre in them. Each cup of food from both brands has between 300 and 400 calories in it, making their formulae similar in terms of calories.

The particular nutritional content of each formula may differ according on the breed, size, and life stage of the dog, it is crucial to remember.

To choose the ideal diet for a particular dog, it is advised to speak with a veterinarian.

Overall, a variety of formulae with balanced nutritional contents are offered by both Royal Canin and Advance.

When selecting a formula, it’s crucial to take a dog’s individual demands into account. If in doubt, you should also speak with a veterinarian.

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Ingredients Comparison

The components used in each brand of dog food should be taken into account when comparing Royal Canin and Advance. The ingredients used in both products are listed below:

Royal Canin Ingredients

Chicken, hog, fish, and cattle are just a few of the animal proteins found in Royal Canin dog food. Additionally, it contains a variety of carbs such corn, wheat, and rice.

In order to enhance digestive health, the company also adds vegetable fibres including psyllium husks and beetroot pulp.

In order to ensure that dogs eat a diet that is both full and balanced, Royal Canin also uses a variety of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, the brand offers vitamin E to boost antioxidants, vitamin D3 to assist bone health, and zinc to support healthy skin and fur.

Advance Ingredients

A variety of animal proteins, such as salmon, lamb, and chicken, are also present in advance dog food.

To support digestive health, the company uses a variety of carbs, including rice and maize, as well as a variety of vegetable fibres.

To ensure that dogs eat a meal that is balanced and complete, Advance also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals.

For instance, the brand offers vitamin E to boost antioxidants, vitamin D3 to assist bone health, and zinc to support healthy skin and fur.

Comparison Table

Here is a table that compares the primary ingredients in Royal Canin and Advance dog food to make it simpler to compare the two brands’ ingredients:

IngredientRoyal CaninAdvance
Animal ProteinsChicken, Pork, Fish, BeefChicken, Lamb, Salmon
CarbohydratesCorn, Wheat, RiceRice, Corn
Vegetable FibersBeet Pulp, Psyllium HusksChicory Root, Beet Pulp
Vitamins and MineralsVitamin E, Vitamin D3, ZincVitamin E, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium

Overall, a variety of premium ingredients are used in both Advance and Royal Canin dog foods to support the health and wellbeing of dogs.

Before making any dietary adjustments for their dog, owners must always take into account the particular requirements of the animal.

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Price Comparison

Price is a key factor to keep in mind when deciding between Advance and Royal Canin dog food.

Pet owners can select the product that best suits their budget from a variety of options offered by both businesses at various price ranges.

The following table compares the costs of some well-known items from the two brands to help with pricing comparisons between Royal Canin and Advance dog food:

ProductRoyal CaninAdvance
Puppy Small Breed$18.99 (2.5 lb)$13.99 (3 lb)
Adult Medium Breed$38.99 (17 lb)$29.99 (15 lb)
Senior Large Breed$73.99 (30 lb)$64.99 (25 lb)

The table displays how much less expensive Advance dog food is in general compared to Royal Canin.

It’s crucial to remember that the cost per pound can change depending on the precise product and container size.

When choosing a dog food, pet owners should also take the nutritional content and the quality of the components into account.

Royal Canin employs premium ingredients and provides a variety of specialised formulae for various breeds and health issues, whilst Advance may be less expensive.

The choice between Royal Canin and Advance dog food will ultimately come down to the pet owner’s budget and the specific requirements of their dog.

To choose the finest food for a pet’s unique dietary needs, it’s crucial to speak with a veterinarian.


Royal Canin vs Advance Dog Food: Pros and Cons

Pet owners have several options to think about when selecting the best dog food.

A variety of goods are available from Royal Canin and Advance, two well-known companies, that are made to fulfil the dietary requirements of dogs.

To assist you in making a wise choice, consider the following benefits and drawbacks of each brand:

Royal Canin






Both Advance and Royal Canin provide premium dog food recipes that can satisfy dogs’ dietary requirements.

When deciding between the two brands, pet owners should take their budget, their dog’s dietary needs, and their own tastes into account.


Frequently Asked Questions Related To Royal Canin vs Advance Dog Food Review

Which dog food is better for my pet, Royal Canin or Advance?

Both Royal Canin and Advance are premium brands of dog food that may give your pet good nutrition. The ideal option for your pet will, however, depend on their specific requirements and preferences. To decide which brand and formula would be best for your pet, it is advised that you speak with your veterinarian.

What are the main differences between Royal Canin and Advance dog food?

There are some variances between the formulations and components of Royal Canin and Advance dog foods. While Advance offers formulas for various life stages and particular needs, Royal Canin offers breed-specific formulations. Additionally, each breed’s particular jaw structure and chewing habits are taken into account when creating the specific shape and size of the kibble that Royal Canin employs.

Has the food made by Advance ever been recalled?

Where the brand is principally offered, in the United States and Australia, there have been no recalls of Advance dog food. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep track of pet food recalls and be aware of any potential problems.

Which brand of dog food is superior, Advance or Optimum?

High-quality dog food manufacturers Advance and Optimum both provide a selection of formulations for various requirements. Considering your pet’s particular requirements and preferences will help you make the best decision. To decide which brand and formula would be best for your pet, it is advised that you speak with your veterinarian.

What advantages do Royal Canin or Advance dog food offer my dog?

The dog foods Royal Canin and Advance are both designed to give your pet a balanced diet. Improved digestion, healthier skin and coat, more energy, and vitality are some potential advantages of feeding your dog these products. It is crucial to remember that every person will experience results differently.

How does the dog food from Black Hawk and Advance compare?

Both Black Hawk and Advance dog food are high-quality products with a variety of recipes for different needs. Black Hawk use natural ingredients and avoids the use of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. Advance, on the other hand, uses a special combination of antioxidants and offers breed-specific ingredients to boost immune system function. The ideal option for your pet will be determined by their unique needs and preferences. It is advised that you speak with your veterinarian to establish which brand and formula is best for your pet.

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